Check Out the Manners on These Golden Retrievers

clean dogs

Do you have kids or dogs? Then you know what it’s like to constantly find the need to clean your floors on a regular basis. They come in and out of the house, they track in their little dirty feet, they bring with them shoes that are on their feet four feet too far into the house even though the rule is shoes off at the door. Whatever happened to the in or out, pick one? rule? I mean, when I was growing up, that was the household rule. We were inside or we were outside, but we were not both. We picked one, and that’s the one we stuck with the rest of the day.

These dogs, they have some serious manners. When they are ready to come inside the house, they do the most amazing thing. They line up at the door and wait for their own to clean their paws. They stand in a perfect line that would make any teacher envious, and they stand there with their heads held high and their paws ready to go. Once they have been cleaned, the line moves forward and the dog enters the house while the next one waits his or her turn.

This is pretty amazing. You have to see it to believe it, since most people no longer have manners this good in the world. They just go into the house, track their dirty feet on your gorgeous floors and don’t even think twice. They could take a lesson or two from these dogs.

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