Chihuahua Puppies Are Perhaps The Cutest Dogs In The World

Chihuahua Puppy

One of the cutest things on the planet has to be Chihuahua Puppies.  These tiny little creatures are so cute you just can’t contain yourself.  I for one simply love to watch these animals in action.  Very high energy dogs even when very young these canines are a joy to be around.  If you have never had one of these puppies of your very own, you don’t know what you are missing.  Not only are they cute when they are little, when they become adults they hold onto their adorable looks.  This is probably why so many people own these animals.  You often see these animals for sale online and in local newspapers and their popularity are very hard to dispute.  Over the years I have known countless people who have owned these animals and when I would go over to their houses it was always a pleasure to see their pets. But if you have never been around these dogs before, below is a video that showcase their cuteness.  So make sure to check out the video and you too will probably have to have one of these amazing little creatures.

Most dogs seem to hate water but this 10 week old little pooch seems to love bath time.  At first she really doesn’t know what to think of the water but after a few minutes she starts to really enjoy it.  Watching this dog pretend to swim around the tub is just too cute for words.  While many Chihuahua Puppies seem to hate getting washed, this one loves when her owner begins to bath her.  She seems to love getting her hair shampooed and she is very easy to handle.  You couldn’t ask for a more calm and collected little animal.  It’s amazing that she is only 10 weeks old and already this well behaved.  I wonder if she will be this way when she grows up.  I’m sure she will always be a pleasure to be around.

After watching this super cute video, why not share it with your friends and family? I’m sure they will love to watch this pint sized pooch take her first bath.  They too will be amazed at how well she behaved.  This adorable dog will surely brighten up anyone who is having a bad day.

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