Why Choosing A Cockapoo Rescue Is Important


The world of designer dogs has grown every year since its start.  For a very long time now, people have been seeking out these mixed breed dogs for various reasons.  One of the most popular designer dogs for many years has been the Cockapoo.  These are beautiful animals and they make great pets.  But the love for this dog has had a negative effect on them as well. Every year hundreds of breeders are producing Cockapoo puppies by the thousands, all across the United States.  This has led to overpopulation and now many of these dogs have ended up in shelters.  Sadly many of these dogs are put to sleep before they are given a chance to find loving homes.

But now there are Cockapoo Rescue groups who are working hard to save these adorable dogs.  They bring in as many animals as they can, to save them from the needle.  But they can’t do it alone and they need your help and support to do so. If you are thinking of getting one of these designer dogs this year, please keep these groups in mind.  Instead of going out and purchasing one from a breeder, why not do something that will really help the world?  These loving dogs desperately need your love.

By adopting just one of these animals, will save the lives of two animals.  First, the pet you have adopted will have a loving home and someone to always care for them.  Second, the area that your new pet once lived can be a temporary home for another dog in need.  This adoption will also help the shelter with the donation you make at the time you pick up your animal. Owning a rescue dog is really something special and if you have ever owned one you know what I am talking about.  The love that these animals show seems to be stronger than most bonds between dog and human.  I guess they are just trying to be thankful to the person that helped save their lives.  So please if you are considering a new pet, why not make it one of these animals.

Image via Kathleen Tyler Conklin at Flickr.com

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