Chow Chow Dog Attempts To Take Kitten For A Walk and It’s Adorable

cat on leash

The two beautiful animals you are about to see, really love one another.  The dog and cat in the video have a very unique relationship.  As you will see, the cat has his harness and leash on and is ready to take a walk.  But instead of his owner taking him outside, the very large Chow Chow seems to want to take over the job.  The owner is talking in the back ground and laughing out loud at the situation.  With the lease in the dog’s mouth, he tries to pull the cat outside of the door, but the feline simply wants to relax inside.  The cat doesn’t want to move and the dog is having a hard time trying to get the kitty motivated.  Maybe the pooch things that the cat is being lazy and needs to go out and get some exercise.

Instead of making it outside, the cat forces the dog towards the center of the room.  Then the cat lies on a bed that is located on the floor.  The dog seems disappointed at the cat and still tries to pull him to the door.  Another owner can be heard in the background talking about the situation.  It seems that both owners are very amused at what is going on.  This very funny moment was caught on film and the owner had the perfect timing.  The cat refuses to go outside and the dog has no other option but to give up on his efforts.  It seems that the cat rules the roost in this house and is in complete control.

This is a super cute video and it will have you laughing loudly.  It’s amazing to see just how smart this dog is and he knows what to do when it comes to walking the cat.  Maybe someday the feline will allow the dog to walk him, but just not today.  If you want to check out this super cool video, you can find it located below this article.  Make sure to share it with friends and family members, so they can join in on the fun.

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