A City Mayor Rescues a Dog Trapped on a Cliff


Imagine going for a leisurely walk with your dog one night in an area that at the time seemed lovely and even felt a little romantic. That feeling definitely goes out the door, especially once you and your dog are separated because your pup slipped and fell off the cliff. That’s the predicament one woman from Mallorca, Spain had to endure when she and her dog went for a walk only to have him fall on a cliff. Since it was nighttime and very dark, the woman couldn’t see anything, much less her dog. Even scarier, she couldn’t hear her dog barking at all, which caused her to give up on the search and try to make peace with the harsh reality and news that she probably lost her very best friend.

It’s such a traumatic and sad experience, to witness what the woman had that night and still never know what happened to her dog. She imagined her dog suffering an extremely painful and horrible blow to its head as it landed on the rocky cliff in the dark, which most likely fatally killed the dog. She assumed that her canine’s body was probably either trapped on the bottom of the rocks or even washed away at sea. Much to her surprise, the woman was given the incredible news that her pup was sure enough alive and even well – and it was all thanks to a mayor and some local firefighters who assisted in the rescue.

Mateu Ferrá, the mayor of Banyalbufar, heard about what happened to the woman’s dog and decided to go to down to the scene firsthand and walk their exact trail the next morning. While on the route, he heard a dog barking and went over to lean and see over the rock. There, he found the missing dog, trapped on the rocks but alive and just waiting for someone to rescue it. The mayor ended up calling local firefighters to help with the rescue, saving the dog. As for the dog, he suffered minor cuts, but no head blow thankfully. He and his owner were happily reunited after his rescue. All’s well that ends well!

(Photo Source: SeeMallorca)

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