The Cleveland Browns are Going to Use a Live Dog Mascot this Season

The 2013 ESPY Awards - Show

This might be the coolest “animal sports” story you will hear all day. The Cleveland Browns have decided that next season, they are using a real dog as their mascot. You know we got us some love for dogs, so it is hard to not get excited when we hear a story like this. We haven’t even told you the best part yet. Yes, it gets better.

So the dog is named Swagger (because of course he is) and he is of the Bullmastiff breed. What we think is really the coolest part of the story is the way the Cleveland Browns intend to introduce Swagger to the world. The dog will run onto the field this season the very first time the team does. So when you first see the team, expect to see a pretty huge (and awesome) dog named Swagger to be running beside them.

They toyed with the idea before and it never came to fruition, but this year it finally happened. What most other teams don’t realize is that this puts the Browns at a huge advantage. To look over and see a guy in a funny suit cheering you on really doesn’t have an impact. But to look over at see an actual living, breathing dog, and knowing he is there for you? Well, that is going to add a whole new level to their game.

Mark my words. The Browns will go all the way this season because of Swagger the dog. Okay, maybe not. But it is still an awesome idea and applaud them for it.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for ESPY

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