Clifford The Big Red Dog in D.C. Raising his arms in a victorious pose as The White House looms behind him

Activisits Protest Proposed Cuts To Funding For Public Broadcasting

First of all, how about we talk about this picture for a second? Clifford in D.C, raising his arms in a victorious pose as The White House looms behind him. Doesn’t the story behind this picture intrigue you? The reality is the pic is from a 2005 Senate meeting about protecting PBS and other public broadcasting stations (which happens to air the carton, Clifford). But that picture is not why I brought you here. I brought you here to talk about what Clifford would be like in real life. Yes, it falls somewhere squarely between scary and awesome, depending on who you ask.

Let’s not forget, that picture above does not represent just how big Clifford is. Clifford is pretty much the size of a house. He is also red. Not like a tan or beige like most dogs, but a straight red. Now if you were the one raising Clifford, than it is the best thing ever. You have this giant dragon sized dog to protect you from anyone and anything. But for a moment, let’s imagine Clifford the big red dog in real life, yet imagine we do not know the owners. Do you even realize how utterly terrifying a dog that size would be? Don’t get me wrong, if it was like a Pomeranian or something, people would just think it was cute. But Clifford is modeled after the Vizsla, and a giant Vizsla would be brutally terrifying. Keep in mind, they are a sweet breed, but any animal the size of a house is an animal we need to look out for. Jeez, we even get him excited and happy enough, a tail wag could take out a city block.

I know we are all dog fans here, and most of us know how awesome it would be to have a giant dog as our best friend. But man, you actually imagine it and it ends up seeming like a furry version of Cloverfield.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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