Community Comes Together to Save a Stabbed Stray Dog

Vaca the hero

Many things make a community come together. The loss of someone well-known and loved, the addition of something wonderful and unique, and the love that so many people have for their communities. The way that people feel about their community is often often indescribable, and that of community has never been greater than it was recently in Peru for a dog named Vaca.

Vaca is a local homeless dog without anyone to call her own. She lives on the streets of Peru with her puppy, and she sleeps wherever she can find a place to call her own for a night. The people in her small community recognize Vaca. They often keep her fed and they are kind to her even though they most just ignore this stray dog with no home of her own. She’s a fixture; she’s just there and many people take very little notice of this darling dog.

However, they took notice recently. When Vaca was sleeping with her pup, she heard something she knew was not right. She witnessed to men attempting to break into a nearby home, so she decided she would let the homeowners know they were in danger. She barked furiously and woke the neighborhood, sending the neighbors out and the thieves running – but not before the stabbed the dog multiple times.

Thankful that this dog saved their lives from these armed thieves, the entire neighborhood came together to provide this beautiful dog with medical care, raising money to pay bills for her to have the kind of care needed for her to stay alive. She is making a full recovery, and she and her pup are currently being fostered by someone in the community until she is well enough to be put up for adoption by someone who will love this little hometown hero forever.

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