“Community Dog” Is The Coolest Idea I Have Ever Heard

This is, I kid you not, may be the coolest idea I have ever heard. I am not sure if a “Community dog” has existed before this story, but I sure hope more exist after it. It just seems a great way to pump up local morale, and honestly, dogs make everything better. What am I talking about? I’m sorry, I get excited and sometimes get ahead of myself. Long and the short is, there is a posh apartment building in Washington, D.C, that now offers up a community dog.

So imagine, you move into a new apartment, and the place is amazing. Rooftop pool. Gymnasium. Off-street parking and the list goes on and on. You think you already hit the jackpot, but it gets much better. 2M street also offers up a community dog.  A cute as buttons Bulldog named Emmy to be exact. So how does a community dog work? Well, you borrow the dog and take it for walks and stuff. You can access it to play with it any time it is around, and the dog is pretty much there for anyone who needs a dog at any given moment. I cannot begin to stress how great that is. Have a bad day at work? Come home and play with Emmy. Need to go for a walk? Bring Emmy for some company? Having kids over and the place bores them? Emmy will keep them entertained! Come on, you need to admit that a community dog is a brilliant idea.

Oh, and for the detractors on the other side of the fance (saying Emmy doesn’t get one family, gets spread thin) that is just not true. Instead of this dog having a loving family the size of four or five or six, she has a whole apartment building worth of family. That is a win for the dog AND the tenants.

(Photo By Craig Jones/Getty Images)

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