Consinder Getting Your Next Dog from a French Bulldog Rescue

French Bulldog

One of the cutest and most beloved dog breeds is the French bulldog. Over the years, these small dogs have been extensively bred all over the world. The popularity of these dogs has led to massive breeding leaving many of these animals without proper homes.  While there is nothing wrong with breeding purebred animals, sometimes less professional breeders are only in it for the profit.  Many times these breeders produce so many animals that they simply can’t sell them all. Then the surplus dogs will be dumped on the streets or given to an animal shelter.  Sadly many of these animals will be put to sleep because of overcrowding issues or poor health.

If You Want To Own One of These Animals, There Is a Better Alternative

Instead of getting your new dog from the breeders, why not consider a French Bulldog Rescue?  These facilities are run by compassionate individuals who work hard to find homes for these unwanted animals.  They pour money and time into insuring that at least some of these dogs find homes and they help to keep them out of animal shelters where they would surely be put to sleep.  A French Bulldog Rescue will have many different dogs with ages ranging from puppies to very old animals.  They also care for dogs with disabilities.  By getting your new pet from one of these facilities you are not only giving an unwanted dog a place to call home, you are also allowing room for another dog to be placed at the rescue.

You are Saving Two Lives with One Simple and Caring Action

When you get a dog from one of these organizations you are of course giving a dog a home.  But you are also helping another dog to be freed from the pound; the area your new pet used to occupy will now be open for another dog.  Can you imagine if everyone would do this? How many lives could be saved each year?  Many of these organizations are non-profit and they need your support in order to keep going.  When you pay the adoption fee you are also giving them much needed funding that will go to pay for food, electricity, Vet bills and a wide range of other things needed to operate the facility.  So remember the next time that you want a new pet, make sure to check out one of these facilities first before going to a breeder.

Image via Raul Garcia at Flickr.com

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