What This Cop Did for a 75 lb. German Shepherd Has People Everywhere Talking


When South Londonderry police officer Nick Ague heard a call on the radio, that a German Shepherd had been involved in an accident, he quickly responded.  Arriving at the scene of the accident the officer searched for the canine, who had run off.  Another dog had already been captured and brought to safety, but the large German Shepherd had run away because she was scared.  Officer Ague started searching for the dog and after a while, found her near the county line.

After finding the dog whose name is Mya, he noticed that the dog was injured and could not walk on her own.  What Ague did next will really amaze you.  Mya had crawled her way into a field and was 200 yards from the roadway.  Having injured paws, the dog was in pain so officer Ague sprang into action and picked the heavy 75 pound dog up.  The officer slowly walked across the field with Mya in his arms.  He was able to get the dog safely back to his patrol unit.  This was great news for the dogs owner, who was really worried about there pet pooch. Mya was very scared when the officer first picked her up, but once he got her back to safety she calmed down.

Someone was there that day taking pictures of what was going on and snapped a photo of officer Ague carrying Mya to safety.  That picture was posted on Facebook and has since gotten thousands of likes!  All this attention has shocked officer Ague, who says he was only doing his job.  The man is also a German Shepherd owner and could not imagine losing his best friend.  When he heard the call on the radio, he just wanted to see what he could do to help.  Thankfully he was able to get to the scene quick enough to find the dog and bring her back to safety.  Mya has went to the Vet and she is doing much better now, thanks to this brave police officer.  To find out more about this amazing story, please check out the video below.  You too will be very proud of this heroic officer, who went beyond the call of duty.

Image via YouTube.com

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