Cop Suspended After Abusing His K9 Partner

We know that there will be people out there who want to hurt animals, and it drives us insane. But the last thing we suspect is the people who are supposed to work with them, and work to serve and protect all things, would be the one causing the harm. Sadly, that is just the case in the following story. Though the story has an ending some may find fitting, I disagree. I think more should be done than just being suspended. Oh, did I mention, it is a paid suspension? Yeah, I am sick about it, too.

So all this happened in Indiana. An officer was seen lifting his K9 by the collar and beating it with the end of its leash. So not only was he attacking someone, he was attacking a dog who just happened to be a fellow officer. Luckily, some people taped it (you can watch video at this link, but it is upsetting and probably not safe for children to view) and the officer was found. So what did they do? They put him on paid administrative leave? Yeah, he beat a dog and got a paid vacation for it. This is the world you are a living in, people.

Also note, they have not released the name of the officer for fear that there will be a backlash. Smart move, I would print his address and told you all to pay the guy a visit. The guy should be fired, end of story. Anyone involved with this who thinks otherwise should go through the same abuse as the dog did with the leash so they can see just how cruel it is.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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