Corgi Puppy Argues With Daddy in the Cutest Way Possible

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Kids will be kids, no matter what species they are. This video pretty much proves that. Kids are very egocentric, and if they do (or don’t) want to do something, they have no problem letting you know it in the most blatant way possible. Take, for example, the Corgi puppy in the following video.  It is trying to let it’s “Daddy” know that it is not too keen on the idea of going outside. But it does this in a manner of which you have never seen before. Adorable is an understatement, even if the dog is technically being a little difficult.

Here is the thing about being difficult if you are a kid (or Corgi puppy). As long as you disguise the difficult as cute, no one will notice that it is difficult. In this video, for example. The Corgi puppy clearly wants nothing to do with the idea of going outside (it is dead of Summer, maybe it is too hot?), but instead of barking or ignoring its owner, it tells the owners in the clearest of languages that it will NOT be going outside, and will do everything it can to let you know that for sure. Does it bark or howl to say no? No. Does it growl or runaway and hide? No. You really just need to see for yourself what this adorable Corgi puppy does to believe it. That is pretty much how we feel every time we have to to the gym.

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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