Couple Adopts Senior Pit Bull Mix That Survived Hurricane Katrina

hurrican katrina dog

It’s been over a decade since the horror of Hurricane Katrina struck. I still remember that year. My husband and I were married that May, and we’d just finished building our first home. Floridians who live less than 10 minutes from the Gulf Coast of Florida, we remember watching the news, the Weather Channel, endlessly for days at a time. Where will this massive storm go? While we were relieved that we would be spared the horror and destruction of this killer storm as it passed right by us without so much as a breeze, we were horrified as we watched this storm tear into the northern Gulf Coast, most notably New Orleans.

Our hearts broke for those who lived there; those who lost everything. Families destroyed, homes destroyed, history destroyed and animals missing, dead and unaccounted for. It was horrific – as I’m sure anyone remembers. The devastation is still ongoing, and the story of this pit bull mix is one of them. This darling dog was found in the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina, and she was able to survive in deep flood waters without food for weeks. She was taken to a shelter, and she has been waiting for her forever home for more than 10 years.

Mouse is her name, and she’s finally found her forever home. An elderly couple met Mouse recently, and they fell in love with the beautiful Pit Bull mix dog. Now they are living their happily ever after, one set of seniors taking care of another senior. In Mouse’s house, age is nothing but a number. She’s found her family, and they have found her in return. We don’t know this family, but we suspect this is a situation in which everyone here was rescued just a little bit by one another, and it makes our hearts smile.

katrina survivor

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