Couple Lets Their Dog Be Their Wedding Videographer


People really love their dogs. It’s one of the most amazing relationships in the world; the dog and his master. These animals have this amazing feeling of love and happiness, and they are so in tune with their masters that they actually spend as much time with them as possible. They want their masters to be happy. They want them to be happy so much they will do anything to make them happy. And many dog owners are happy to do the same in return for their animals. This dog is one that is especially happy.

His owners wanted to see their wedding from his eyes. They wanted to see their dog’s view of their wedding, so they turned this dog into their wedding photographer. They strapped a camera to him and they let him run around as they got dressed, as they said their vows and as their friends and family enjoyed their time together. It is, perhaps, the most amazing wedding video you will ever see. We are so impressed by this dog’s video taping abilities and by the special video that his humans now have. This is a very sweet moment in their lives, and that their dog was included in such a wonderful manner is breathtaking.

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