The Cutest French Bulldog Puppies Videos of 2014

French Bulldog

It’s a small domestic breed of dog, and it’s one that is well-liked by many. The French bulldog is a sweet dog with a kind face and a lovable personality. They’re very playful animals, and they’re very lovable dogs. Their personalities are very bold and sweet, which is what makes them great dogs for those who are looking for a companion. However, they’re also very stubborn animals that like things their own way or no way. They’re not easy to train, but they’re not difficult animals, either. They can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but they’re not dogs that get by well unless they live with an owner willing to issue endless amounts of patience.

In the United Kingdom, the French bulldog is referred to most commonly as a pig dog. It doesn’t sound like a nice name because it’s not a nice name. Europeans feel that these dogs greatly resemble pigs as far as their snouts and facial features are put together. Perhaps they are not entirely incorrect, but we certainly wouldn’t go so far as to call these dog pig dogs to their faces.

They don’t have a stellar reputation as being one of the smartest dogs. They have a reputation for being a bit dim, a bit silly and a bit on the slow side, but they’re not. Even though they are said to be a certain way, they’re not stupid dogs. They’re not the most intelligent dogs in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that those who own them love them. However, these funny and hilarious videos make us think that these dogs are just a bit more intelligent than people give them credit for being. And these videos just go to show that we are serious about that.

Puppy Jumping

What’s cuter than a puppy jumping? Not much; and this puppy is the perfect example of just that. Not to spoil the ending of this cute video, but this is a dog that’s going to make you laugh out loud with his antics and his silly personality. This is a French bulldog that embodies the behavior these dogs are well known for, and that’s just what makes it so much fun to watch. This is a dog that’s known for being a little on the small side, especially as a puppy. They’re not big dogs, and they don’t have the world’s longest legs, which is why it’s so cute to watch this little guy jumping around all over the place. He’s clearly very excited or very into exercise – we don’t know which one it is, but we do know he’s cute and you should spend a few minutes watching him have a good time.

Puppy Surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Everyone loves a surprise when it’s a good one (“Surprise! We threw you a happy birthday party with all your loved ones and cake!” is far better than, “Surprise! I wrecked yoru car!” if you get what we are saying). When a puppy has a surprise, it’s just cute, and this French bulldog is so adorable. We can’t tell you what the surprise is, you’ll just have to watch for yourself. However, you’re going to wonder why you don’t have your own French bulldog puppy by the time you’re finished watching this video. What a sweet, funny and completely outrageous animal to have. You will need to watch it to believe how cute this puppy is. It makes up for all the other silly behavior this little guy probably puts his family through.

Puppy and the Door Stop

Why is it that pet owners spend so much money on pet toys when all their animals actually need is a few household items that double as awesome toys? This French bulldog is in love with the doorstop. He’s probably one of those dogs that spends so much time playing with the doorstop that his owners know where to look for him if they don’t see him right away. The most amazing toys that most dogs and most children play with are the ones that aren’t even designed as toys. Think of the child that plays with an empty box, or the cat that plays with the hair tie you left sitting on the night stand. They’re just animals that love toys that aren’t actual toys. We don’t know if this particular dog simply finds it fun or if he is offended by the doorstop in some way, but we do know we love this video.

Puppy Crying

There are few things in life that are as sad and devastating as someone crying. Of course, that’s only because you haven’t seen a French bulldog puppy crying just yet. This little dog is so sad and so pathetic that you’ll find yourself upset for the dog. That is, when you’re not laughing because it’s just so funny to watch this dog as he cries his little eyes out. He’s upset about something. He’s upset about something big time, and he’s letting us know all about it. Even if he can’t verbalize what’s wrong with him, we can sympathize and he can try. All we know is that we want to reach for a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream so we can tell this sweet dog that it’s all going to be all right. Of course, he could just be upset because he saw the end of “Marley and Me,” and couldn’t keep it together.

The Talking Puppy

Puppies are some of the cutest things in the world. They have to be born cute – like all babies of all species – because they’re so much trouble from time to time that we have to be able to remember that there is a reason we love them after they go to the bathroom all over things they shouldn’t and whatnot. However, this dog is super cute simply because he’s just talking away. He’s got something to say and he wants us to know that he’s not messing around. He’s a dog with a serious issue – and he’s not afraid to tell us what it is.

Puppy Says I Love You

They say that these puppies aren’t the smartest or most intelligent dogs in the world, and they’re allegedly not very quick learners, but we disagree. Why? Because this puppy is seriously looking at the camera telling his owner he loves her. Listen; and tell us whether or not you agree that this dog is seriously saying, “I love you,” or if he’s just barking. We aren’t sure if he was taught to speak, but we are sure that he’s really saying, “I love you,” to his mama. And that’s just fine with us. It’s actually really cute, and we bet all dog owners are now trying to convince their own dogs to say the same.

Funny French Bulldog

This French bulldog is a comedian. Seriously, he was probably born to make people laugh. His antics are hilarious, and we can’t help but kind of fall in love with this adorable little guy every time he does something else. What a great dog! You’ll have to watch the video to see what it is we are talking about, but we promise you that it’s worth your time to see what this dog has to say and/or do, because it’s really funny! Some people spend their entire lives trying to be hilarious, and this dog just is. Some people make complete fools of themselves trying to be funny, and this puppy just is funny. We love him. So watch the video and fall in love with him with us.

A Dog and His Bed

There’s something special about a bed that you can call your own. You might sleep in the plushest, most luxurious beds in the world when you travel, but no bed compares to your own bed at home. It’s something so amazing, and this French bulldog understands what it is we are talking about. He loves his bed. He loves it so much he wants to play with it and lick it when he’s sleeping in it. He’s so obsessed with his bed that he just can’t let it go. Your bed, my bed, and this dog’s bed all have differences, and we can’t explain them. Your own bed is something special to you; it’s the same for all of us. Watch the video to see just how much this dog loves his bed and see if you have any of the same feelings about your own bed.

Puppy Puts her Toys Away

This is the video of the year, right here. Seriously, if ever there was a video that you have to watch, it’s this one. This video is going to make you feel a range of emotions. It’s going to make you feel as if you’ve failed as a pet owner and/or a parent, because you can’t get your pets or kids to do this. It’s going to make you feel amazed that anyone other than you does this. What are we talking about? We are talking about this dog; this French bulldog puppy has learned to put his own toys away. He knows where they go, and when he’s finished playing with them, he actually puts them away. Most of us have kids that won’t even do this. And some women have husbands that won’t even do this, so this is completely amazing and unbelievable. Let’s all watch and see if we can pick up a few pointers that will have more people or animals in our house doing this.

Puppy and His Tricks

Sometimes puppies need some attention, and they get that attention by performing tricks we can all watch and see. These are dogs that have some seriously cute features, and this puppy with his bag of tricks is no exception to the rule. He’s a cute dog with a big personality, and you can just tell by this video that he’s the kind of dog that absolutely puts his people in a mood when he gets into things. He’s the kind of dog that probably spends a fair share of his time being reprimanded about his behavior, but we bet he doesn’t care at all about that. We bet he loves the fact that there’s someone here to watch him and give him any attention at all.

Barking Puppy

What’s so special about a barking puppy, you ask? Well, we can’t tell you exactly what it is that makes this barking puppy so exciting and hilarious, but we can tell you that you should watch this video. This barking puppy is hilarious. He just makes our day with his cute face and his silly bark. We don’t know what he’s barking at, but we do know that he has some serious opinions to give through his barks. He’s not afraid to say what he needs to say, and that’s okay with the rest of us considering the fact that he’s just this cute.

Puppy in a Box

When you put a puppy in a room, it’s cute. When you put a puppy in a box, it’s even cuter. What it is about a puppy in a box that’s so sweet and so adorable is completely beyond us. Really, we have no idea what it is that makes these puppies so sweet when they are put in a box, but this particular pup is cute. He’s so cute that we just want to go get him and bring him home with us so we can all live happily ever after in our own home with our own animals. All that’s missing is his tongue hanging out over the side of his mouth to make this video that much cuter.

Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American Kennel Club

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