A Dallas Dog and Nurse Reunite After Ebola Scare


Ebola has been one of the biggest news topics as of late around the world. It’s a pretty scary situation to be in right now, especially when you have been infected and you own a dog. Previously, a nurse in Spain who had contracted the virus had her dog euthanized for it was thought to maybe have also been infected. So when Nina Pham, a nurse from Texas, ended up with Ebola, her canine Bentley was also put into quarantine, just as Pham was. Unlike the nurse in Spain’s dog, this story comes with a happy ending: Pham and Bentley were recently reunited!

“I’d like to take a moment to thank people from all around the world who have sent their best wishes and prayers to me and Mr. Bentley,” Pham expressed at a press conference this past Saturday.

Pham and her beloved dog were recently let out of quarantine and hadn’t seen each other prior to their reunion since October 12. That was the day the Dallas nurse tested positive for the Ebola virus after treating patient Thomas Eric Duncan who died days prior from the virus. By the time the nurse’s symptoms developed, the dog had already been in contact with her. Because officials didn’t want the same fate for Pham’s dog as the dog in Spain, they tested Pham’s Cavalier King and placed him into quarantine, where he was greatly cared for at the Hensley Field military base. In fact, after his release from quarantine, the city spokeswoman explained that they were all going to miss seeing the dog every day, who obviously made a difference in their life. As for Pham and Bentley, the two have some major catching up to do, now that they are free to be together again!

“Right now, I’m just excited to take Bentley home so we can start picking out his gifts for his two-year birthday party this month,” Pham said.

(Photo Source: DALLAS/WFAA)

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