Death Metal Guitarist Donates His Farm To Help Save Animals

jeremy wagner

We cannot say it enough that it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover. So what if someone is a heavy metal guitarist for a rock band that sings about death and all things blood and guts? So what if he is covered in tattoos and writes horror stories and has as love of all things dark and kind of scary to many others? What on earth is it about his interests that makes a man like this a bad person? Our perception; that’s what.

We might immediately assume this is a man who is scary or dangerous – and most of us would be guilty of that. But what we would never know if we decided to judge a book like this man by its cover is that he’s a lover of animals – all animals. That’s what Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope is like. He’s got tattoos, he sicks heavy metal and he loves horror. He also loves animals. He helps raise a family of baby ducks that live in his pool. He has a farm he bought for the sole purpose of rescuing animals from mice to horses to kittens to puppies and everything in between so that they’d have a happy home and somewhere to live.

He recently donated his farm since he tours so much and is not home enough to run the sanctuary and rescue the way he wants to, but he is actively involved. This is a man that might scare people just with his looks, but he is a man who gave away his farm so that people could rescue animals and have the space to keep them. This is a man with a big heart and a big personality, and he is not someone to judge based on what you see on the outside.

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