Death Sentence Averted with Pit Bull Makes Friends at Rescue

Pit Bull

A dog now called Takoda is very lucky to be alive.  This super happy Pit Bull found his way inside of a Fulton county dog pound, because he was found roaming the streets.  Takoda’s owner never came to claim him and his fate was up in the air.  Many dogs just like Takoda are put to sleep each and everyday in the United States.  But lucky for Takoda and his amazing personality, he was spared from the death sentence.  Because this canine was so sweet and happy, he made tons of friends while at the pound.  The staff really loved Takoda and couldn’t bear the thought of putting him to sleep.  But the pound being limited on funding, simply couldn’t keep the dog much longer.  Takoda was scheduled to be put down on June 19th.

The somber day of June the 19th came and that afternoon Takoda was going to be put down, if no one came to his rescue.  On that same very day a member of the Henry County Humane Society came by the pound and picked Takoda out from all the animals at the pound.  This was Takoda’s lucky day and his death sentence was overturned!  Then he was transported to the Pit Crew.  The Pit Crew is a special place where Pit Bulls are housed and taken care of, before they are adopted out.  This Pit Bull rescue group specializes in the breed and works hard to take these animals out of pounds.  It seems that some local pounds target Pit Bulls, because they feel the breed is aggressive. This is why so many of these animals are the first to be put to sleep.  There are many people working to change that and they are trying to get local pounds to send non-agressive Pit Bulls, to local rescue groups like The Pit Crew.

Takoda is now resting at The Pit Crew and he is being treated for kennel cough.  He will be neutered soon and become available for adoption.   Takoda is a very loving dog and it shouldn’t be long before someone comes to give him a forever home.  whoever is lucky enough to adopt him, will surely be paid back with tons of love.

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