The Debate on Whether or Not Dogs Can Eat Strawberries

Ah, the great strawberry debate rages on. Can dogs eat strawberries? Well, we would love to just answer this and walk away, because that would make this so much easier. Yes, your dog can eat strawberries. I know some people worry about the seeds, or if eating the plants can have any different effect than just eating the strawberries, The basic idea is that this fruit is really good for your dog, but you must remember, everything in moderation. Anything high in sugar (even the natural kind) can have an effect on your dog’s stomach if they eat too much.

So yes, your dog can eat strawberries. And all the benefits strawberries have for us, they have for dogs, too. The little seeds will help keep your dog’s teeth clean, and the natural sugars will give them a little boost and pep to their step. The anti-oxidents on strawberries make them great for your dog, as well. They can help to keep his coat cleaner and softer, and help to keep him working just as well on the inside as the dog looks on the outside.

In Summer, we like to give a few frozen strawberries and grapes to our dogs. They not only act as a great frozen treat for them to gnaw through, but they come along with some great health benefits, too. I mean, really, there is no debate. Yes, dogs can eat strawberries. Just don’t let them loose in the garden, because that can lead to a whole slew of problems.

(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

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