So Who is Derek the Dog on Instagram?

You know, in these times of social media, who and what is a superstar are slowly changing. Where once it was movie stars and rock stars alone, now we live in a world where anyone (and even dogs) can get famous via social media. One social media outlet that has pushed that movement along is Instagram. A site for sharing pictures and thoughts, it seems over time more and more dogs have risen to “fame” using the site. One dog I want to mention in particular is Derek the dog.

Derek the dog on Instagram is awesome for multiple reasons. One, he is not a puppy. Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE puppies.  But we sometimes feel the senior dogs get left behind n the love department because of that a little bit. But Derek is a senior dog. Unlike most of the famous dogs on social media (like Boo), Derek the dog did not just get famous because he was super cute (though it helps). No, people took to him because he had character and a certain doggy wisdom that seemed to permeate from him. Of course, being adorable does help.

It just makes us happy to see an older dog getting some attention and love on Instagram. Little did we know, there are a cavalcade of older dogs who get love on Instagram.  Thanks to Dogster for showing us the light, and showing us senior dogs still get love and always have a few tricks left up their sleeves.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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