Disabled Boy And Lame Chihuahua Pup Help Each Other Learn To Walk


This darling, darling little boy and his dog are just heroes. They are just made for one another. Their story is so unique and so special that it immediately brings a tear to the eye. When this darling little boy was young, he became very sick. He ended up being diagnosed with several major health issues, including a cyst on his brain. As he began to heal from his health issues, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and his life changed forever. He was unable to walk, and he did not learn to walk for about two and a half years after his diagnosis.

Before he learned to walk, however, his parents made the decision to get him a puppy. Unfortunately, their darling puppy broke one of his legs almost immediately and was unable to walk, either. That’s when these two made it their mission to learn to walk together, overcoming their obstacles and proving that just because you are not medically “perfect” doesn’t mean you are not perfectly amazing in every way. These two are the best of friends, and their love for one another is truly touching. Here’s to dogs helping kids learn to live and love, and here’s to kids doing the same for dogs.

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