Disabled Golden Retriever Swims in a Wheelchair


It’s amazing how technology can really impact the simple things in life that many of us tend to take for granted, like being able to walk or swim. Joy knows that situation all too well: the bubbly 16-month-old Golden Retriever has been paralyzed since she was only six weeks old. She suffered a spinal cord injury that left her no control of her hind legs.  Thanks to an incredible, technologically advanced wheelchair, the adorable rescue dog is not only able to finally walk comfortably, she can also swim with floats when attached to her chair!

Being paralyzed doesn’t slow down the busy-bodied dog, continuing to go on walks even if she has to literally drag her legs. Nothing hinders this determined dog – and it’s such a delight to watch! With the help of her chair, though, Joy can walk, run and swim. For such a positive and energetic dog that lives up to her name, the chair is a blessing for her, giving her the ability to do what other dogs do with some added help and support. Joy was rescued by the Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) and has since been looked after by a foster family. While she was looking for a forever family initially, she ended up find the perfect one in her foster family, giving the ordeal a very happy ending.

Watch the amazing video below and see just how incredible the disabled canine Joy –  as well as her equally incredible wheelchair – is!

Photo Source: YouTube 


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