Do you Want Your Dogs to Freeze? Bring Them Inside!

A dog has ice on its face in Berlin on F

One thing we do not like to be here is preachy. We all love dogs, and we are all here for the same reasons. But right around this time, every year, we do get a little upset at some dog owners. Why? Because the temperature some nights is dropping to below zero, yet there are still people who have outside dogs outside. We look at that the same way we look at dogs locked in hot cars. It does not sit well with us, and it shouldn’t sit well with anyone.

Yes, we understand dogs have fur and are more insulated to endure outdoor temps, but does that mean they should have to? I may be able to hold my breath underwater longer than you, but that doesn’t mean someone should submerge me to test that. Our general rule about dogs is, if it would make you uncomfortable, it will make your dog uncomfortable. Would you want to be outside for twelve hours of ice cold, pitch black darkness? ¬†Would you want to have to curl up in the back of a dog house with your back against the biting wind, wondering when the sun will rise so you can go back inside? To us, it is abusive, straight up.

Same thing can be said for Summer time in some of the same locations. It is no fair to subject dogs to such extremes, if we can prevent it. In owning a dog, one of the unspoken contracts we all agree to is that they make our quality of life better , so we do the same for them. I am not saying your dog needs a memory foam bed and some water from the Appalachian springs. I am just saying please, bring your dogs in?

Trust me, the dog would be saying the same thing if it could.

(Photo credit should read HANNIBAL HANSCHKE/AFP/Getty Images)

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