Doctors Saw Scared Dog Living In The Hospital Parking Lot And Called for Help: You’ll Never Guess Who Showed Up


When doctors noticed a stray dog living in the parking lot of the hospital, they called for help.  Hope for Paws, a rescue group that helps dogs in danger came to the hospital during the day, to try to rescue a Maltese who was very dirty and needed help.  But they were unable to capture the animal during the daylight, so they decided to return at night in hopes of rescuing the pooch.  When they arrived after nightfall the dog was seen walking around the parking lot.  The man in charge of saving the dog’s life carefully walk towards the animal. The little dog was very scared and the securing the canine was not going to be an easy task.

The man started to sneak up from behind the dog with a snare stick to try to get it around the little dogs neck, bringing him to safety.  As the man walked towards the dog he found her located just behind a block wall, sitting on the ground.  He then slowly put the snare around the dog’s head and was able to hold onto the dog.  But the dog who is now being called Oakley, was very scared and started to bark loudly.  The dog screamed as if she was in pain, but no harm was being done to the animal. The man ran with the dog allowing her to calm down before trying to pick her up.

After running for a while, the man was able to calm the dog down and could even pet her on the head without getting bitten.  Then the man picked this small pooch up and put her in his car to take her to a safe place.  After arriving at the rescue shelter, the dirty dog was given a bath and the once brown looking dog turned white.  All of the dirt and grim came falling off reveling a very beautiful pooch. The man then took the dog home with him so that she could rest and learn to trust people again. If you would like to watch this amazing rescue, you can find the video below this article.

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