Dog Adopted After Being Rescued From Ledge


After being rescued from being trapped in a ravine in New Jersey’s Garret Mountain Park, a dog has been adopted by a firefighter. Two weeks ago, a rescuer rappelled down 50 feet to reach the poodle mix canine and taken to safety. According to fire chief Brian McDermott, she was likely stuck in the ravine overnight. It is not clear how the dog ended up about 50 feet down in between two rocks. 

“It was about 20 inches wide, the space, what I did was support the front end so the dog wouldn’t fall any further down the cliff. There was a member of a team inside that was able to grab the dog and pull him out through the hole. He was happy to see us,” said firefighter Angelica.

After her rescue, the dog was taken to the veterinarian and place to be adopted. Apparently about 50 people called about the dog and 10 submitted applications to adopt it, Second Chance Pet Adoption League president Stephanie Pearl said. Pearl explains that she chose the Paterson firefighter Paul DiFalco and his family because they live close to the animal clinic and usually have someone home during the day –  the dog gets anxious when left alone.

DiFalco and his family has decided to name the dog Easter, because they think she looks like an Easter bunny with red skin.

Image via My Fox NY


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