A Dog Allegedly Steals Car and Crashes It


You know how some people will smash a window if they see a dog left in a car on a hot Summer day? Some people just do not like the thought of a dog being left alone in a car. Well, what if I told you there is a dog who disapproved of it by starting the car it was left alone in and then crashing it? Don’t worry, the dog is fine. While I cannot completely confirm the truth to this story, I would hope a website as prestigious as LifeWithDogs would not post something they do not know to be true.

So the (supposed) story is this. A Siberian Husky gets left alone in a car in Russia. What happens next, no one can really be sure, but somehow the car started and the dog drove a semi-circle and rolled down a hill before hitting another parked car and coming to a stop. It sounds insane, and something out of a movie, but supposedly police showed up and dog was behind the wheel. They think the dog got so restless in the car that it somehow hit the ignition, starting the car. The car was parked on an incline, which then started the journey. Maybe the first time in history that “dog steals car” could be a headline.

While I intend to look this story up and make sure it is 100% true, I still had no choice but to share it with you guys. I mean, come on. Does it get any more insane.

Image via Galina Bolotova – The Siberian Times

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