Dog Almost Causes a Major Crash at the Tour de France

For those cycling lovers out there, the Tour de France began this week but not without some early drama. And thankfully that drama didn’t involve steroids (save for Lance Armstrong saying this week that one could not win without them). Nope, the drama was in the GIF you see above.

Just one day after a bus lodged itself underneath a gantry on the finish line of the first stage of the Tour de France, another bizarre incident nearly caused a massive accident near the end of Stage 2. Just a few kilometers from the finish, a small dog freed itself from its owner and ran across the road to freedom.

While the group of cyclists came closing in the owner tried to grab the dog. That was a bad idea. Thankfully the owner and dog were not harmed. Nor were any of the racers. You can hear how concerned the announcers are.

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