Dog At Drive-Through Starbucks Can Barely Wait For His Order

To provide faster service for hungry customers, more and more restaurants offer drive in service to provide tasty treats for those on the go. When it comes to Starbucks, its no surprise that one eager patron was caught on camera with his head out the window waiting for his turn. A recent article appearing on The Dodo details a most unusual drive through customer service story. It all started with a woman who was spending her time on a rainy day waiting on the conga line of cars at her local Starbucks to pick up her morning coffee. What she saw going on with the car ahead of her’s delighted her so much that she simply had to take out her phone and capture it on video. In this case, the customer with its head out the window was a small dog who was anticipating his favorite treat, a Starbucks Puppuccino! What is a Starbucks Puppuccino? It’s a concoction of pure whipped cream served up in a wide mouth cup so that a dog can easily start licking at the top and swirl his tongue down to the very bottom to get every tasty slurp.

The dog seemed to know what was coming. The family had obviously been there before. The doggy knew the routine. The barista at the window held out the Puppuccino and the dog did the rest. What was unusual is that the canine beverage was the only item ordered by the family in the car. This pet it is a pampered pooch. how many families would stop at a drive through just to satisfy the craving up their four-legged family member? The camera woman, Stephanie Pappasoff, could not help but giggle at the sight of the barista holding out the cup while the pup started enjoying his treat before she could hand it over As it is for humans, a treat made from pure whipped cream is not something to have every day. A puppuchino does contain sugar and plenty of saturated fat, according to Dogfoodgenius. While most dogs can enjoy a sugared whipped cream treat or a few licks of ice cream on occasion, it’s wise to hold back on it if your dog must lose a few pounds or is not active enough to burn off the extra calories.

In addition, canines can be lactose intolerant just like humans. Over the years, there has been growing awareness of how debilitating an allergy or intolerance to lactose products can be. Anyone who has experienced or knows anyone who is lactose sensitive knows that ingesting dairy products can cause the worst gas and stomach pain imaginable. In addition to gas, diarrhea bloating, stomach rumbles and in severe cases nausea and vomiting can occur. A dog can’t tell you with words what’s wrong, but if your pooch begins to have foul smelling, copious gas, loose or watery stools, is lethargic, or worse, vomiting, rule out lactose sensitivity by removing all dairy products from his or her diet. This includes licks of ice cream or milk that a dog can snatch from an unaware toddler. Some dogs will even go after a cup of coffee or tea if it’s topped with milk or cream. Yes, many dogs and cats do love dairy, but, as the old commercials say, it “may not love them”.

Can your dog go in with you to your local Starbucks and order up a Puppuchino at the counter? A video of that encounter would also be a delightful sight for animal lovers; however, it may not be feasible at all Starbucks stores. It depends. The official Starbucks policy is that no pets except for service animals can go inside the store. This is to protect patrons who are allergic (yes, many people have severe allergies to pet dander) and to prevent incidents with less than well trained dogs. If a dog has a less than amiable temperament with strangers, it’s best to not expose them to a noisy, public place. The whirring of the coffee machines can be too much stimuli for an anxious dog. Some rescues that are adopted are fine being around loud children, fast moving lines, and counter noise, but some, particularly ones that have been abused or frightened in the past before the rescue, may not tolerate it well.

Little children also see a dog and assume that “doggy” is friendly. Seeing as the tables at the local Starbucks are usually packed in tight, few customers would want to enjoy their latte with an anxious, upset, or overprotective dog just a few feet away. It’s best to socialize new pets slowly, first with family and friends and then small groups of strangers before expecting it to deal with a busy restaurant setting. If the dog is well behaved and on a leash or in a carrier, many Starbucks managers will make an exception. If there is an outdoor patio area open in nice weather, many will not object to a dog sitting quietly under the table enjoying their snack. It’s a good idea to call your local Starbucks to ask the manager directly about her or his policy concerning nonservice animals in their establishment. The same goes for any restaurant you may wish to visit with your pet.

This is especially important when on vacation. Just because your hotel room is “pet friendly”, the coffee shop or restaurant attached to it may not allow animals that are not in service to a human companion. If someone needs a service or emotional support dog, and has a dog that would qualify as such, it’s best to go through a health care provider and complete the necessary certification to designate a dog as a registered service animal. As the video showed, the drive through, however, is open for business for pooches with a penchant for a creamy delight. The barista could not contain her joy watching the pet, who was probably her most satisfied customer of the day. Judging from the way the dog enjoyed the cup and the smiles all around, that was the fact.

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