Dog Becomes Famous for Being a Total…..Jerk?

Rude dog

The dog in the video below has become famous on the internet.  But unlike some dogs that become popular for being cute, this dog fame comes from being rude.  You see, the dog and his owner are YouTube stars.  Hailing from Japan the pair has made a lot of videos over the years.

As you will see, the dog and the man don’t always get along.  In fact, there are tons of video all over the internet that star these two. Each time this comedic pair go on camera, the dog is always doing something not so nice to the man.  These two performers are really good at what they do and the dog really does seem to be rude.

In the video below the man is trying to cook a traditional Japanese dish.  But the dog seems to want to ruin the entire meal.  While the man is speaking Japanese, you don’t have to understand what he is saying to find this video really funny.

While the dog might be being rude to the man, it seems like the man doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact he keeps on cooking and talking.  He doesn’t even realize that the dog has knocked over his ingredients and keeps on with the recipe.  I can imagine that it would be very hard to cook, having this dog around.  He really did make a large mess for the man to clean up.

It seems the man has trained the dog to perform in this way.  I am sure that the dog didn’t learn to be rude on his own and probably needed a lot of training to do so.

There is another video going around the net, where the man is trying to kiss the dog.  But the dog isn’t having it and puts his paw in the face of the man.  This is really funny as well and you should try to watch it too.

But the video below is super funny as well, so make sure to check it out before you go.  You will be wondering why this dog is being so mean.

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