Dog With Bent Legs And Curved Spine From Terrible Living Conditions Gets A New, Loving Start

Disabled Dog

Pets are part of our family and they deserved to be love and taken care of. Unfortunately, some people don’t feel this way. These people think that they own the animal and can do anything that they want to do such as neglecting them. This is why shelters are very important because they are big help in saving the lives of many abused and neglected pets.

Earlier this month, an unidentified shelter from Georgia asked Second Chance Rescue in New York City for help concerning a pit bull mix named Landis. The pooch was scrawny with some serious medical issues such as bent legs, curved spine and a dwarf-like appearance. All of these were due to neglect and terrible living conditions that his previous owner gave him.

The rescue group members were completely moved after looking at the pictures of the poor dog, and decided to act quickly. In fact, the very next morning Landis was sent to one of the group’s veterinarians. On Tuesday, the pooch is expected to arrive in New York and finish his treatment. Second Chance Rescue is looking forward to getting this pooch back in good shape and for a family that’s willing to shower him with TLC.

The future of this pup is sure bright and very promising. As a matter of fact, the rescue group already received a lot of requests from animal lovers all over the country, offering to adopt Landis. I really hope that this canine will find a great and loving home simply because he deserved it.

Landis is one of the lucky animals who got the help that he really need. His past should be a good reminder to all people. Remember that pets such as dogs and cats can’t take care of themselves. Having pets comes with responsibilities including the hard work that you are going to put in to take care of them. Also, neglecting and abusing animals is considered a criminal offense. So before you buy or adopt an animal, make sure you are 100 percent ready for the responsibilities. Take care and love your pets and they will give it all back to you.

Image via Second Chance Rescue 


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