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Moving to Los Angeles has definitely opened my eyes to toy breeds being dressed up as downright divas. Male or female, it seems most people that own a Maltese have them rooms perfectly or dressed like a pretty princess.where did this gorgeous little dog come from? Who are the ancestors of the Maltese? Do you own or know a Maltese? Here are some facts and interesting finds surrounding the Maltese.

Can you believe the Maltese comes from a small Sicilian town called Melita? Who knew these dogs were Sicilian?! This beautiful small breed of dog is considered to be part of the toy group. Its ancestors originate from the central Mediterranean area said to come from the Mediterranean island of Malta. The breed was owned by royalty all over the world. Women carried them around in their sleeves and slept with them in their beds. They were first brought to England by Crusaders returning home from the Mediterranean. The Maltese was first recognized by the AKC in 1888.


These eight to ten inch darlings are full of energy and possess an abundance of love for people. They are very trustworthy and known to be dedicated and devoted to their master. The Maltese will not hold back if they hear a suspicious noise, yet they are graceful and act quite classy at times. But if they hear something odd, they will be the first to sound the bell! The Maltese, an indoor dog, loves the outdoors and for as graceful as they are, look out for puddles! My friend’s Maltese loves to go puddle jumping and from what I understand her playmate (also a Maltese) takes pleasure in the same activity.

If you know a Maltese you may also know house training is a bit of an issue. This is not unusual for a smaller breed of dog. The toy breeds and smaller breeds usually seem to have so much independence they take the reigns and do “the business” where they probably should not. Some vets will say it’s independence, but I believe smaller breeds in general just are a bit more difficult to house train. On the positive side, the Maltese is good for apartment living because of their small size, but like all dogs they should go for healthy walks because of their love for the outdoors.

In terms of health issues, some Maltese dogs have sensitive bellies and skin. Feeding them dog food for sensitive stomachs and keeping them out of the sun can help both of these well known issues with this breed. The Maltese also have sensitive teeth and should be given crunchy treats on a daily basis to keep their teeth and gums in tact. You may notice some Maltese pups have a build-up of tear stains around the eyes. Keep the eyes clean and try to avoid this build-up from becoming too thick. If your Maltese often gets the black and brown build up around th eyes, pet stores ell a product called “Angel Eyes” for digs to help remove this.

The coat of the Maltese is silky and soft, so when brushing the Maltese be gentle. When the Maltese is groomed properly, thjeir coat is absolutely beautiful. I often see the Maltese decked out in little ponytails on top of the head to keep it from going in to their eyes. Because this is a white dog, grooming and cleaning should be on point.


Like all dogs, this breed is a joy to have and will never betray you. The Maltese can experience separation anxiety, so if possible try to have play time with other dogs if there are no other dogs present in the home. With patience and kindness, expect a great life with this royal pup!



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