20 Things Only Maltese Owners Would Understand

A dog is the most cared for pet in every home. It is such a darling to many, and that’s why some people keep two or even more. With many breeds of dogs, one chooses what he or she wants based on their personalities. Others choose on the basis of the characteristic, while others on the basis of outward appearance. If you have been a dog owner and have never adopted or even desired to keep Maltese, there are so many things you probably are missing about them. Maltese is a dog breed famous for its dark oval eyes with jet-black rims, long, cascading snow white coat, and gentle disposition.

Maltese date back to 3500 B.C when it was spotted on the island of Malta from the southern coast of Italy. As a matter of fact, among the European toy breeds, Maltese is the oldest. He has a good origin, given that the Roman governor of Malta, Publius had one that he named Issa in the first century A.D. Poet Martial made Issa famous by giving him all the praises the world could offer, referring him as purer than a kiss from dove, gentler than a maiden, more frolicsome than Catulla’s sparrow, more precious than Indian gems, and other sweet descriptions. Maltese is also the ladies best pet which started during the time of ancient Greeks as witnessed from aristocratic ladies.

Greeks appreciated Maltese by building tombs for them, and in addition, they honored them in the art that started in the 5th century. You’d see how precious Maltese were especially in Egypt where you could find their statues everywhere. It was a friend of the wealthy during the Roman and Greek Empires and later became a rich people’s dog during the British Empire. Dating back in 1792, Maltese was a jewel of women as they carried him in their bosoms. Maltese gained popularity within a short time, and in the 19th century, it was a common breed of dog in Britain, and in 1859, it first appeared in English show ring.

The first Maltese in America was seen in 1877 after entering Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show where it was referred to as ‘Maltese Lion Dog.’ In 1888, the American Kennel Club accepted Maltese for registration. Since then, the rest is history. Maltese is a glamorous and intelligent dog, but there are things you can never understand unless you are the owner. That’s why we have collected 20 things only Maltese owners would understand to help you in case you wanted to adopt one.

They think they are smarter than you

Dogs are the closest pets anyone could have. They are not only fun to hang around with but also the best companion. If you ask many dog owners, they will not hesitate to tell you that they have one or more dogs because they can communicate with them. It goes without saying that human beings are intelligent compared to animals, but unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand that these dogs think they are smarter than you. It’s a cool thing if your dog thinks he is smarter than you because it adds to the list of fun. If your Maltese wants to have a good time with you, he will start performing subtle cues around you. Interestingly, don’t be amazed after realizing that your dog can understand your emotions. That’s why Maltese owners understand that anytime they are stressed, sad, or sick, their dogs want to be around them and cuddle them as much as they can to cheer them up.

The Maltese is a wonderful family dog

They need a lot of exercise

Most people adopt dogs to be their guard when they are not at home or when they are soundly asleep. To such people, the only obligation they have is to feed their dogs without engaging in anything g else. However, its only Maltese owners who understand that if you want to adopt one and the only thing you can commit to is feeding them, you better not adopt him. This is because Maltese want so much apart from feeding. He is a cute dog with a desire to have regular exercise. They need your attention from time to time, and therefore, if you are the kind of a person who wishes to spend the entire day indoors watching movies, Maltese should not be in your mind.

They have an expensive insurance plan

Today, everything has transformed from good to best for pets. They are not regarded as the only guards but also as part of the family, and that’s why people have gone an extra mile to offer insurance covers to their best dogs. Insurance costs are not similar to all dog breeds, and not unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand that the insurance cost for Maltese is quite expensive compared to other mixed breed. They will also tell you that the extra cost is as a result of Maltese hereditary conditions that are usually expensive to treat. However, these dogs are attractive to have, and adorable to walk around with, and therefore, they are worth the extra effort.

The white fur is no accident

Many dog owners will tell you that they were attracted to their favorite dog due to their coat colors. While some like uniform complexion, others are satisfied with a mixed one. When it comes to Maltese, it’s only the owners who understand the origin and meaning of their coat colors. As stated, Maltese was bred by Roman Emperors to have the white coat we see today. The color was not an accident, as Maltese owners will tell you that the white color on their coat was sacred to the Romans because they wanted their favorite pet to demonstrate an air of divinity.


Many people would love to have a dog in their homes, but they are afraid they can’t due to their daily commitment. A dog, just like human beings need attention, and one most thing they need is to be clean. If you are a business person who is away from home all day long and you are afraid of adopting a dog because you may not find time to clean him up, Maltese dog owners will advise you not to panic. Maltese are the easiest breed of dog to keep. They have a thick coat of hair which does not shed easily. The only thing they need is an occasional haircut and regular brushing necessary to keep their coats from getting matted. You also need to groom your dog after few months, in addition to occasional bath him like once in two weeks. Their white tufts are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are the best companions for allergic families. Therefore, a Maltese owner will tell you that Maltese is easy to keep even for people with a busy schedule.


Maltese are generally healthy, but when it comes to illnesses, they are no exception from other dog breeds. If you decide to adopt one, you must be fully aware of their health conditions and the types of diseases they are likely to suffer from. That’s why a Maltese owner will tell you that Maltese are prone to the following diseases; patellar luxation, portosystemic liver shunt, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Hypoglycemia, White Dog Shaker Syndrome, Collapsed trachea, and reverse sneezing. Having a clear understanding of these illnesses will ensure that the owner is conversant with their signs and symptoms and how to take preventive measures.


Maltese is just like any other carnivore whose main diet is protein. However, unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand how to feed your dog effectively. It is recommended to feed your dog with a ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry food every day. You should never leave the food out all day long, but you should have a plan of feeding your dog twice a day to prevent him from getting fat. Overweight is a condition that every dog owner should prevent, and you can monitor the condition of your dog through a hands-on test. If your dog is in good condition, he should have normal eating habits, as any problem should be reported to a vet immediately for a checkup. Maltese owners also understand how finicky these dogs are, and to them, trying out few brands of dog feed to have one that their dogs love is not an issue. If you plan to adopt one, trying various brands should not be something to worry about.

Dental care

Maltese dogs are usually prone to dental issues. That’s why it’s only Maltese dog owners who understand the importance of regular teeth brushing. They will also tell you the importance of taking their dogs to a professional vet once in a year to examine and clean their teeth. Additionally, you can promote their healthy teeth and gums by ensuring that your dog has safe chewing toys at all times. Providing chew toys to your dog does not only keep their teeth and gums intact but also prevents them from biting and destroying your favorite and precious stuff such as furniture.

Physical traits

It is only few dog owners who can give a comprehensive report about their dog’s physical traits. Basically, the physical trait is what you look for when deciding the dog breed to adopt, but you should be aware of what it means. That’s why it’s impossible for some people to successfully adopt a dog because they were only attracted by the outward appearance and were later disappointed. Unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand that these dogs grow to 7-12 inches and weigh 4-8 pound. Their size is just a perfect match for anybody with a passion for a dog pet. Initially, they came in other colors but were bred to be white only. They lack an undercoat meaning that they don’t shed more often. Maltese have long hair which can be trimmed or tied in a topknot to keep it out of their eyes. They have a compact body with sloppy shoulders, floppy cute ears on a slightly rounded head, black nose, brown eyes, and a tufted tail curling over their back.

Life expectancy

Adapting a dog is the most enthralling thing any pet lover could have. You will agree with me that human beings develop a cordial relationship with their dogs with the same measure they make with their children. After developing a friendship and passion for your dog, the last thing you wish for is to part ways. Just like the way people cry for losing their loved ones, it’s the same way they cry after losing their favorite pet. Therefore, if you want to adopt a dog, you’ll be concerned about their life expectancy because all you want is to live with your pet as long as time can tell. Thus, unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand that these dogs are thumbs up when it comes to their life expectancy. They can live for 12 to 15 years under good care and proper nutrition.

Separation anxiety

Like many people would put it, they love dogs because they provide the comfort and company they need when alone in the house, or when they want to walk around the neighborhood. Just like the way babies suffer from anxiety when away from their parents, it is the same way for Maltese. However, you need to be a Maltese owner for you to understand that these dogs suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them alone for long. Maltese is one breed of a dog who would always love to be near you to cuddle and kiss you. When you leave them, they will miss your company thus suffering from separation anxiety. It is therefore advisable that you don’t leave your dog alone for a long time, or have someone to play around with.

They bark with moderation

It goes without saying that many people adopt dogs as their watchdogs; to guard their homes and alert the owners in case of intruders. Similarly, many people hate adopting dogs because some make unnecessary noise in the form of barking, making it impossible for the owners to notice when something is amiss. However, unless you are a Maltese owner, you can hardly understand that these dogs hail from a royalty ancestry and only bark when a need arises. Therefore, when you hear your Maltese bark, do something and check; there could be a stranger in your homestead or even unusual animals in your backyard.

They are fragile

Many people adopt a dog, not to be part of the family but as a toy for their children. Even though this is acceptable, you should never adopt any dog breed without understanding their levels of fragility. Unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand that these dogs are fragile and stepping or sitting on him can badly injure them. This tells you that you should never make your dog a pillow. Additionally, Maltese can easily inflict injuries to themselves when they leap from your arms. One quick shake from a larger dog can break your Maltese’s neck. This is why a Maltese owner will tell you how important it is to monitor your dogs and take care of him, to ensure that he is around a harmless company. Again, they will advise you to always keep your dog on a leash when you are not around to prevent them from getting injured along the neighborhood.


One of the most amazing things to see in a dog is to realize that he can follow your orders. Many dog owners opt to buy a trained dog, while others opt to train them. Either way, we all believe in one accord that training is an important consideration to the dogs regardless of the breeds. While other dogs take too long to train, a Maltese owner will tell you that these dogs are the easiest to train. Maltese are highly trainable and desire to please. When you give him a command, he catches up easily. However, Maltese owners will warn you against treating them harshly or subjecting him to physical discipline, as he can bite you and develop a vice of mistrust. Always reward your dog for good behavior, and he will be your best friend.

Maltese and other pets

If you a dog lover, it goes without saying that you also love other animals. Many pet lovers are afraid of adopting a dog because of fear of the hostility they could have towards other animals. If you have a cat for instance, you will have fears bringing in a dog because of uncertainty on how the two will relate. Therefore, unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand how these dogs develop a cordial relationship with other pets. The only thing you should do is to train them on how to socialize with other animals within your premise, and you’ll always have a smile on your face when you see these pets playing together.

Maltese and children

Even though one of the basics of adopting a dog is to provide a playing toy for your children, you should consider the breed that’s friendly to people and more so to the children. A Maltese owner will advise you not to adopt a Maltese if you have small children for two reasons. One, Maltese is fragile and children can injure him easily when they step on him. Two, these dogs can snap at young children and injure them. With this in mind, keep off from Maltese if you have small children. Just like the same way you can’t expect your Maltese to babysit your toddler, it’s the same way you shouldn’t expect your baby to take care of your dog.

They are family-oriented

If you are looking for a dog to kiss and cuddle every day, Maltese is definitely what to look for. Although many people fear to adopt dogs because they could be aggressive to them, Maltese is not one of them. In fact, a Maltese owner understands their behavior and will tell you that they are the best family oriented dogs. They love their families and always want to be where you are. If you are looking for a companion, Maltese don’t disappoint. However, they tend to be aggressive towards strangers, meaning that you should keep it on a leash when not at home, or close the gate.

They make great therapy dogs

When you get sick, it’s hard to find someone that understands your condition and how you feel. Even if not many people can give you what you want during such times, Maltese can. For instance, Riley the Maltese has been working as a therapy dog since 2009 and has managed to take part in 400 therapy sessions. This means that Maltese are excellent in hospitals, nursing homes, underprivileged schools, and even disaster areas. Maltese is small and loving which promotes petting, making the patients to reduce stress and at the same time encourage empathy.


Unless you are a Maltese owner, you can never understand that these dogs are the hardest breeds to housebreak. If you live in cold areas, don’t be surprised when you find your dog’s waste anywhere in your house. Generally, Maltese hate cold and wet and this makes housebreaking difficult for them. Experts will advise you to have a covered potty area for him or a doggy door that lets him out when his bladder is full to relieve himself.

One was a millionaire

Yes, you read it right. It’s only a Maltese owner who understands his dog’s worth. Similarly, unless you own one, you can never be interested in knowing more about their history. That’s why many people would be surprised to realize that one Maltese was a millionaire. A real estate developer Leona Helmsley had a Maltese named Take Trouble. Upon her death in 2007, her will was categorical that $12 million was for her dog. With time, the government trimmed the inheritance down to $2 million. Take Trouble died in 2011. Has this left you agape? Its only Maltese owners know it, but because you now know, thank me later.

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