The Top 5 Most Popular Female Pitbull Names

The Pitbull breed is beautiful. With regal faces and strong, powerful limbs these dogs come in a variety of colors. In the fifties, German Shepherds were the most popular breed of guard dog, and many were named after a canine star of the time “Rin Tin Tin”. Collie dogs ended up with the name “Lassie” because of a fifties TV show, and terriers got the name “Toto” inspired by Dorothy in the iconic blockbuster “The Wizard of Oz”.

Now Pitbulls are leading the pack, and owners are coming up with amazing names for this breed. Particularly with females, a name can convey a reputation or say something about their unique physical characteristics. As Pitbulls are so popular, it’s hard to narrow the list to just five; however, there are five popular categories that hold the most popular names for the female members of this distinguished breed.

Color Wheel

As Pitbulls come in so many gorgeous shades with distinguished markings, names that say something about the girl’s coloring are popular. Call the name “Blondie” at the local dog park and more than one Pitbull will likely answer. “Bombshell” is also a popular name for Pitbulls with lighter coats. “Raven” is popular for pit girls of the sleek, black variety. Pitbulls of the gorgeous “purple ribbon” variety are often named for their rich coats. Names like “Grape Juice” or “Jelly” are popular. “Prince” is also sometimes adapted for the “Purple Rain” connotation.

Military Unisex

Although Sgt. Stubby, a World War I canine military dog was a male, “Stubby” is a popular name for male and female Pitbulls, particularly those with compact bodies and shorter legs. “GI Jane” and “Scout” are also popular. A spinoff of the military unisex name is the patriot monikers like “Freedom” and “Liberty”. You’ll spot these Pitbulls anywhere, as they are often wearing a camouflage or red, white and blue bandana.

Quick and Flirty

“Cute” names for Pitbulls are all the rage, with names like “Trixie”, “Holly”, “Daisy” “Barbie” or “Babs”, “Rosy” “Roxy”, and Tina topping the list. In honor of roles played by Angelina Jolie, “Salt” and “Laura” for “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider” are also popular choices. These Pitts with the short, flirty names often wear gorgeous collars and strut as if they just know how gorgeous they are and how many heads they turn.

All the Regal Ladies

Even an abandoned or lost Pitbull female deserves a great name and shelters often give their Pitbulls “Queenly” names like Elizabeth, Victoria, Katherine, Jane, and Anne. Families who adopt these lovely ladies often keep the name, as it denotes dignity, beauty, value and oftentimes, the stay of execution they received through their adoption from overcrowded shelters. Pitbulls have also been the dog of choice for royalty and presidents, so these name choices are particularly appropriate.


Pitbull girls are so beautifully built, they are sometimes named for iconic places. Following the trend of naming human female babies, “Madison” and “Brooklyn”, fur baby parents are adopting these names for their Pitbulls as well. Depending on where you live “Bronxie”, “La La” (for Los Angeles, of course) and “Aspen” are trending.

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