taking poodles for a walk

Poodles come in several shapes and sizes, which some people don’t recognize.  When people think of a poodle, they might immediately think it’s a small curly-haired dog that constantly barks with a high-pitch sound.  That is not always true.  Poodles can actually grow to be very tall with long legs.  There are different types of poodles which is what makes them different sizes and have different appearances when they grow older.  You have your miniature, standard size, and toy poodle which also vary in fur colors.  Poodles not only look pretty, but they are actually said to be the second smartest dog.  The first is the Border Collie.  Poodles are known for taking top places in several different competitions.  These competitions and awards received are not just in different states.  These Poodles take home honors from countries all over the world.  Obedience, agility, and best groomed aren’t the only awards they take away.  Poodles are known for actually taking Best in Show quite frequently when they are competing in dog shows.

poodle in dog show

Poodles have always been known as gun dogs.  History shows that their ancestry comes from Germany where they were actually known as the Pudel.  All poodles were known to be great swimmers and were called water dogs.  One of the reasons that they are actually called gun dogs or water dogs is because they would always be retrieving items such as other animals.  Poodles were said to be bred with fur coats that were actually water resistant since they would constantly be in the water.  You will mostly find that the standard poodle is the one to retrieve and other types of the poodle breed are usually getting groomed for shows.  Poodles need to be groomed regularly.  Even though they do not shed, their fur must be kept in great condition.  You might start to see matting of the fur if you do not keep up with the grooming of your pet poodle.  This is why it is extremely important during dog shows that not one hair is out of place.  Grooming your poodle means a lot in a competition but should also mean a lot even if they are just stay-at-home pets.  When you have a poodle that is a stay-at-home pet, then you will be able to teach them how to behave with our children if you have any.  Poodles are very loving and affectionate but can sometimes be a brat when they want something their way.  Kind of sounds like your kids, right!?

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