Dog Chained Up for Nine Years Finally Has A Loving Home


Part of the fun in being a dog is being able to sleep wherever you want, whenever you want and have a lot of fun. Even if you don’t love your dog on your bed or furniture, you still provided him or her with a soft bed of its own, you provide toys and you know there are plenty of cuddles and love to go around when it comes time to spending quality time with the dog. Even if you are busy and lead a hectic life with a hectic schedule, your dog gets some of your love and attention every single day. You feed your dog. Your dog is not dependent on anyone but you to feed, water and love him endlessly until the end of time. That’s not what Edith’s life looked like.

For nine years of her life, there were no loving moments. There were no cuddles. There was dirt, rain, wind, hot weather, cold weather and a barrage of volunteers bringing in food and water for this dog so she would have some every single day. She was chained up. She was tied to a chain on a piece of metal in the ground for nine years. She was never let free. Her owners didn’t care for her, but people in her neighborhood did. They tried to help her, but the family refused to give her up. It wasn’t until PETA stepped in that the family finally released this dog and she is now living the kind of life she deserves. Take a look at the video.

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