Dog Coughs Up Missing Wedding Ring That was Lost 6 Years Ago


Imagine losing your wedding ring of 20 years only to find out the hard way that your dog ate it. That’s the sticky predicament Lois Matykowski found herself in! When she discovered that her she lost her wedding ring six years ago, she was mortified, searching high and low for the ring before she eventually gave up on the search. What else was a woman to do?

“My husband and I had been married for 20 years at that time,” Matykowski said. “We had just upgraded the ring, and it wasn’t insured. And it wasn’t just the value, but also the emotional ties. How do you replace that?”

Recently, her family’s dog Tucker, a 10-year-old Rottweiler mix, was up to his notorious “food burglar” ways.   Matykowski was eating popsicles with her two granddaughters when she heard the dog panting. She was planning to go inside briefly to get the dog some water. She turned around and looked at her granddaughter only to find the dog smacking and licking his lips – he had eaten the entire popsicle whole, stick and all! She called the vet in fear that her pup was going to get sick and after some helpful advice, Tucker ended up coughing up the stick.

Two days later, the dog got sick again. While cleaning up up Tucker’s vomit, Matykowski noticed something sparkly in it – it was her wedding ring! Naturally, she screamed with joy. Talking to her vet later, she found that the popsicle stick most likely dislodged the ring. Just to be on the safe side, the vet gave Tucker a full body x-ray to make sure no other goodies were in him. For now, Tucker will only be noshing on dog treats!

Photo Source: ABC News

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