What To Do If Your Dog Drinks Antifreeze

As much as we hate to think about it, and we try to avoid “going there” in our heads.  Sometimes a dog drinks or eats something it shouldn’t. Something that can be considered harmful or even poisonous to the dog, but the dog had no idea. Anything from chocolate to antifreeze to the new trend of dogs ingesting e-cigarettes. But we have some simple steps for you to follow, specifically if your dog drinks antifreeze. We will address further poisons in further articles. Remember first and foremost, do not panic. That is the worst response you can have for you or your dog.

The first and most important thing you need to do if your dog drinks antifreeze is you need to induce vomiting. It may sound brutal, but can make all the difference if acted upon quickly enough. Basically, the key to inducing vomiting if your dog drinks antifreeze is you give the dog one teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide for every five pounds of dog (yet no more than three at a time). The bubbling agent in Hydrogen Peroxide works in tandem with the antifreeze and responds in the dog gut by bubbling up and causing it to vomit. It may not be pretty and it may seem crude, but getting that poison out of your dog is the most important thing in that scenario, and that is just what hydrogen peroxide does.

Next up, call the vet or any emergency animal services you have at your disposal and get that dog checked out, stat. Trust us, it may seem cruel giving your dog hydrogen peroxide, but it can save its life if done quickly enough after ingestion of the antifreeze.

Remember, knowing this stuff is half the battle.

Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images

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