Dog Is Elected Mayor of a Small Town in Minnesota


There are many strange things that happen in politics and elections, but none stranger than what happened in a small town in Minnesota: a dog is elected mayor! While dogs are great, intelligent creatures that can serve as our best friend, part of our family, confidant and even therapist, we’re not completely sure about having them be an elected official of our town – even that may be too much for the most competent and smartest dog!

The residents of Cormorant, Minnesota must have a lot of faith in Duke the dog: the 7-year-old canine won the election to be the town’s mayor last Thursday. However, it’s not quite what you imagine – Duke won to be the honorary mayor for the teeny tiny town that consists of 12 people, Cormorant resident Tammy Odegarrd revealed.

“Pretty much everyone knows him,” Odegarrd said of Duke. Smells like a popularity contest, no?

The election was a special one – it cost voters one dollar to get their vote in and the five-week election also raised money for a local event. As for Duke, he’s definitely getting paid for his winnings and being rewarded with a salary of a year’s supply of dog kibble that was donated by the local pet store.

“He is an outside dog, loved by everyone in the town, and he is a regular at Cormorant Pub,” Odegarrd added.

With the special election, residents of the town were free to vote for anyone they wanted to, so they started to put their furry friend’s name on the voting ballot. Votes were tallied and it looks like they’ve got themselves a new mayor!

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