Dog Escapes The Hands of Abusers and Lands in the Hands of Heroes


It breaks our heart to hear sad news stories about these helpless animals who have been abused by humans, especially they can’t really say anything or do anything about it. Many animals just end up enduring the pain and harm for so long until they can no longer. It’s a sad reality, but that just makes the stories of those who have been able to escape and live free lives that much stronger. After a long time of being abused, one canine decided it was time to stop it when the dog escapes, ending up jumping out of its abusers truck and luckily into the arms of kind rescuers!

Phoenix, a five-year-old Chow mix, was bound by a 40-pound chain and collar attached to its neck when it leaped off the bed of a pickup truck that was traveling down Woodlawn Road in Clarksville, Tennessee. The canine landed pretty sharply, all the while lugging around a collar and a double-loop, 40-pound chain along with it. The chain was wrapped very tightly around its neck and it’s apparent that it’s been there since Phoenix was a mere puppy. The driver ended up turning around to retrieve the dog, but it was too late: two bystanders had already started to help the dog, so he kept on going.

Rafi Johnson was one of the two bystanders who went to help the dog. She is the founder of Willy’s Happy Endings and one of Phoenix’s helpful rescuers. She ended up cutting the cable away from him, to which he realized that she was on his side and even showed her some affection.

“He was very unhappy and didn’t want anyone to touch him,” Rafi said. “[Then] he realized we weren’t trying to hurt him, we were trying to help him. He even licked me.”

The kind woman took the abused dog to the North Stewart Vet Clinic to have the collar removed as well as the tissue that grew around it over the years. He currently has an open wound that needs tending to, but he is recovering quite well. Aside from the collar injury, Phoenix was also malnourished, weighing only 40 pounds when he was first rescued. He is working on putting on another 20 to be healthy. His ears have also been eaten away by flies and much of his back fur is missing due to fleas. Despite his abuse, the dog is known to be quite the charming canine, with staff members falling in love with the dog’s sweet personality.

Meanwhile, there is currently a reward to anyone who has any information on Phoenix’s abuser – people just want to see justice prevail for the poor dog. According to witnesses, the abuser was a very large man that was driving a silver or gray pickup truck across from The Garden Center.

“We just think he deserves to be punished for what he did,” Rafi explained.

(Photo Source: Stephanie Ingersoll/The Leaf Chronicle)

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