Dog Faints from Happiness After Seeing Owner Again after Two Years

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Can you imagine ever being so happy to see someone that you fainted out of happiness? If anything, it would be a major inconvenience. You see someone you love and just keel over on the sidewalk. Or have a family get together and be passing out, left and right. But when you see a dog do it,  you know just how serious a dog’s love is for us. This dog faints from happiness after seeing its owner again, and all I can say is, I think we all wish someone loved us that much.

So we don’t know much about the backstory, and we can honestly tell you to stay away from the comment section unless you want to lose faith in all humanity. But the video speaks for itself. The dog is so overwhelmed with joy and mirth from seeing this girl, it is crying for joy. Like, crying really hard. You can’t tell it doesn’t even know what to do with itself. Then, it just kinda passes out for a second. It falls on its side. It comes to quickly and looks around as if it thinks it is in a dream. At this point, the obvious Dad in all this scoops the dog up and they continue to love it.

It does seem a little dazer after it all happens, but the video speaks for itself. The dog is fine, by the way. Just overwhelmed with joy. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

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