A Dog Falls 15 Stories and Survives

Dog that survived a fall

Falling can cause a lot of injury to both humans and animals, which can often lead to death. When someone falls off from a tall building, a lot of times it is expected that the person or animal will not survive the trauma. Like with most fall incidents, only a miracle can save the person from dying. The story I am going to share today is about a 13 year-old canine who miraculously survived a deadly fall.

The incident happened in Sacramento, California when Sammy, a 13 year-old Boston Terrier fell off from the 15th floor balcony. According to Bill McCourt, Sammy got on to the next balcony and tried to work his way back to their balcony when he fell. He also mentioned that the pooch has an eye sight problem.

Sammy fell off and his owner Bill was horrified thinking of the worst to happen. Fortunately and miraculously, Sammy landed on the hot tub, which is located a bit to the east of their balcony. After he hit the hot tub, the canine started to swim, found the stairs and pulled himself out successfully. Broken ribs and cracked pelvis are the injuries’ that Sammy sustained from the high fall. He is doing well and recovering pretty fast at VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital.

I do think that the dog’s eye sight fooled him into seeing things close which caused the pooch to miscalculate the distance that he needed to jump. Let’s say the distance between balconies is 5 feet, Sammy must have seen it close like 4 feet away. That’s why he fell because he was a foot short in his estimation. So the fall incident was a result of a vision problem. What do you think?

As for how Sammy ended up east of where he’s supposed to hit, nobody can explain how it happened. But most believed that it was a miracle especially his owner. Personally, I agree that it was a miracle especially after watching the video of Sammy playing with another pooch at the hospital, where he is recovering. Bill, his owner also recalled seeing Sammy stood up and walked after falling from the tallest residential building in Sacramento.

This is indeed a great story to read but remember that miracle is something that doesn’t happen all the time. So for animal lovers especially those who live in high-rise residential buildings, please keep your beloved pets away from the balcony.

Image via KCRA/ NBC NEWS

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