What Should You Do When There Is A Dog Fight At A Dog Park?

Dog park

Taking your pooch to a dog park is one great way for your dog to exercise and socialize with other dogs.   Due to the many different breed of dogs that comes to park, often times, a dog fight happen because not all of them can get along just like us humans.  A dog fight at a dog park is something that many (dog owners don’t want to happen because the situation can quickly escalate and sometimes it ends up with an injured dog and its owner.  So today we are going to talk about the things that you should do when you witness a dog fight at a park.

Stay calm

Once a noisy dog an argument has started, it is a good move to stay calm and think of the best and safe way to break up the fight.

Spray cold water on the fighting dogs

Whenever a water hose is available, use it to spray cold water on the heads of the fighting dogs.  The cold water will startle them and break them apart.  You can use a bucket as well.

Citronella Spray

A Citronella spray is easy to carry and in the event of a dog fight it will come in handy to help break the fight.  Spray the citronella spray on the noses to break up their fight.

Make a sudden and loud sound

Making a sudden and loud sound can also help break up a dog fight.   Yelling, clapping and using an air horn can interrupt an altercation but if it doesn’t work try another method.

Put a barrier in between

Putting a barrier like plywood is a good way to stop a dog fight.  With the barrier they won’t be able to see and get a hold of each other.  If plywood is not available, using a big blanket and throwing it on both animals is another option.

Do the Wheelbarrow Lift

When doing this method, one need to be very careful because if you don’t do it right the dog might end up attacking you.  Carefully, lift the pup’s back end in order for his/her legs to be off the ground and move backwards away from the other dog.

You can also help prevent a dog fight by happening by simply keeping an eye on your pup and other pups’ behavior.  If you notice your pup showing some signs of aggressiveness towards another dog such a growling or vice versa, it is a good idea to take your pooch out of the area to prevent the situation from escalating.  Breaking up a dog fight is very dangerous and one should not do it unless they know what they doing and they are wearing some kind of protective gear.

Image via Douglas Brown at Flickr.com

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