Dog Jumps in Front of a Truck To Save Young Boy


They say that dogs are man’s best friend – after all, once they grow to love you, you are theirs forever. Dogs are also very kind and overall very giving creatures that you can tell have big hearts. While you can’t understand what it is barking and you guys cannot really understand each other, there is an unspoken knowledge that gives them the assurance that you will also love them forever and would do no harm to you. One dog took his love and loyalty to the next level when the dog jumps in front of a truck in order to save a young boy.

In November 2012, the Riley family’s pet German Shepherd-Collie mix puppy ended up doing what your average dog couldn’t do: he saved the life of one of his family members! The seven-month-old canine saved his family’s 10-year-old son Charlie from getting hit by a truck. The brave canine pushed the young boy out of the way of an oncoming pickup truck and ended up taking the brunt of the large vehicle’s impact himself. When the vehicle approached, the loyal dog jumped forward and pushed the boy out of the way. Geo, however, was knocked off the pavement and ended up on the road. He was again hit by the driver of the vehicle again, while the driver left the scene and didn’t stop. The poor pup sustained a broken leg, severe bruising and a fractured spine. Geo also had to deal with five hours of surgery, where two metal plates were going to be inserted in his leg.

Photo Source: Facebook

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