Dog Knows How to Pose for Pictures Better than Anyone


This dog and this video are about to make you feel as if your life could not get any worse. It’s the holidays, and we know that you are about to have your family photos taken so that you can put them on a card and send them to people you should stay in contact with more often but don’t – and who have already seen enough of your family on social media. Perhaps you’ve actually already taken your family photos and you know that the experience was, well, interesting.

Kids are not easy to photograph at times; they don’t cooperate. They don’t do well. They can be kind of jerks when it comes to following instructions and just doing what you want them to do. They’re animals, really. Except, no; they’re not animals. This dog is standing in front of the camera looking straight at it with no issues, and he even smiles (a big, beautiful, real smile) when he is instructed. This dog and this video just made your last photo session feel like a failure. I know this because it made me feel as if ours was a failure (it was a complete failure) and now we all feel bad for ourselves.

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