Dog is Left Behind at Shelter After Owner Reclaims Only One of Two Dogs


Most of the time stories about dog rescues are happy ones – but then there are those with special cases that turn out to be less-than-happy situations. Not long ago, two dogs were picked up and taken to the Humane Society of Greenwood in South Carolina together. The two canines, who actually looked very similar to one another, waited ever so patiently in their kennel for their owner to come pick them up and take them back home. In a stroke of luck, someone did claim ownership and took a dog home – however, the other dog, a canine named Roscoe, ended up getting left behind. How sad is that?!

The shelter’s rescue coordinator has written some very lovely words about the twice-abandoned dog.

“He came into our shelter as a stray with another doing that looked very much like him. The owner came but only got one of the dogs back, and poor Roscoe was left here. When she left he stared at the door, waiting on her to come back,” she has said. How incredibly sad is that?!

The dog has been described as “gentle” and “friendly” by all that know him and is also a good looking canine at that! He also has a great temperament and ends up getting along with practically everyone, no matter what the breed, species, or age they are. Again, the rescue coordinator quipped that Roscoe has no heartworms and has continually been healthy there. He is very well-behaved and never makes a mess or has an accident while he’s been there.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if the owner is going to come back yet again and claim Roscoe, and as many would feel, Roscoe must be feeling completely betrayed. Who does that?!  Because of all that has happened, the dog needs help from strangers.

*UPDATE: The shelter’s rescue coordinator notified the National Dog News Examiner that Roscoe was rescued on the morning of October 9, 2014.

(Photo Source: Contributed Photo/Examiner )

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