Dog Left for Three Days Without Food is Saved from Horrible Conditions


While we often credit our beloved dogs for saving our lives in some form, it goes both ways. Sometimes we have to rescue them from bad situations that turn out to be heartbreaking. One such case is Zola the pit bull, who needed rescuing in the worst of ways. The poor pup was living in horrible conditions no canine should ever have to experience and the Orange County Animal Services in Florida can attest that it was some of the worst condition they’d ever seen. The dog was severely underweight and had to lay on a ground that was covered in waste and urine by no choice of her own.

A guardian angel in the form of a concerned citizen called animal control after learning of poor Zola’s living conditions. Zola’s former owner, Winter Park resident Aaron Dennis, ended up being arrested on animal cruelty charges. He was processed but was later out on bail. Apparently, Dennis had skipped out on both the apartment he’d been living in with his dog in it. However, when authorities and animal control arrived following the call, he was there. He was said to have left Zola for three days with no food and upon his arrival days later, found her in the condition she was in.

Zola’s owner claims that the dog had already been losing weight at a rapid pace since the beginning of the year and while it may be a health issue, had not taken the canine to the vet. He didn’t think anything of it, much less the trouble he’d be in because to him it was “just a dog.” Currently, Zola is in the care of animal control as she is recovering, which is happening at a snail’s pace. Officials stated in a press release that staff and workers hope that the canine will make it through.

(Photo Source: Orange County Animal Services)

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