Dog Lost in Michigan Tornado is Found


So imagine you own a dog shelter, and you find out a huge tornado is coming. What do you do? Well the thing about tornadoes is, you don’t find out they are coming. They surprise attack. And that is just what they did to one part of Michigan. After the storm settled, the owners looked all around and managed to find all their dogs. Except one. They had one dog lost in the tornado. It crushed them.

But the owners got some good news after a day. Local people who were helping to look for the pooch had seen it around town. It was visibly shaken up, but did not look injured (though it was very scared). It took a couple days and more than a few people, but they finally ended up finding the dog they lost in the tornado. They were flooded with relief and joy, not only that their dog was safe and okay, but that the community would gather behind them and help them find the dog.

They say in times of trouble is when the best people will show their true colors. Well, seems these troubled times brought the best out in everyone in Michigan, and the end result was a lost dog being found and brought back to safety.

Take that, mother nature. Nothing can stand in the way of love and a dog’s will to survive!

Image via HJN

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