This Dog Miraculously Survived Two Murder Attempts


Whether or not you are a big fan of dogs, it’s still incredibly sad to hear about the horrible things that humans have done to them. It’s just so mind-blowing in the worst of ways that people who own dogs can treat their furry four-legged canine friends with such malice and are so easy to harm them. The KC Pet Project is a shelter based in Kansas City, Missouri that often rescues numerous neglected and abused animals at their facility. One of the many dogs they have received is an incredible dog named Roadrunner, a Tibetan Spaniel who sadly arrived in the worst of conditions this past Sunday and was one of the worst cases the shelter has ever seen.

The dog was severely beaten and strangled by his owner, who was living in an apartment complex in Kansas City. Roadrunner’s owner had thrown the canine off their third floor balcony and basically left the dog for dead. Luckily, kindhearted witnesses called the authorities and the local animal control essentially saved the life of the abused pup. Animal control responded and ended up bringing the dog to the KC Pet Project shelter. Upon arrival, the staff there realized just how bad the dog’s injuries were and rushed little Roadrunner off to Bluepearls Veterinary Partners to receive emergency help and care for his critical condition. Because of the severity of his head injury, both of the dog’s eyes were needed to be taken out via surgery.

Roadrunner is currently resting from his surgery in a loving foster home. The medical care isn’t quite over for the formerly abused dog, with him needing therapy to adapt to the world without sight for the first time ever as well as some additional medical procedures. Also, you would think that a dog who has gone through what he did would be angry and a horror to be around, but those who have met the canine say that he is the sweetest dog who just wants love and enjoys being in peoples’ laps.

(Photo Source: KC Pet Project)


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