Dog Mothers Baby Animals at Cincinnati Zoo

zoo mother

This beautiful black dog is Blakely, a male dog that has the best job in the entire Cincinnati Zoo. This dog’s job is to mother baby animals. He isn’t a mother, and he isn’t even a female. However, there are animals that come into the zoo all the time that are orphaned that need someone to love and mother them, and that’s what he does. He has never once allowed the fact that he is not a mother stop him from loving the animals that are in his care. He also does not allow the fact that the animals he is mothering are not even the same species as he get in the way of showing them just how much he really does love and care for them. He’s raised, to this point, cheetahs and ocelots and many other animals that aren’t typically friendly with dogs.

When an animal comes into the zoo without a mother of its own, it needs love and attention and someone to show it around. That’s what Blakely does. He provides these animals with someone that they can love and look up to. He allows them to cuddle with him, and he shows them the kind of love that a real mother might show when she was with her own babies. But since she’s not with her babies, these animals are now in a place where they are given a chance to become Blakely’s unofficial babies. Take a look at the video to see for yourself.

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